About Our District

District Mission

The Mission of School District #29 is to enable all students to acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to pursue individual success in life.  In partnership with students, family, and community, we commit ourselves to promoting:

High expectations for all students;

A safe educational environment;

Excellence in academics;

Achievement and responsibility; Respect for one another.

In keeping with this commitment we will maintain a sound educational framework that nurtures our individuals and enriches our communities.


The Trustees of School District 29 are guided by the conviction that every student has the right to the best education this district can provide. Responsibility for this rests with all citizens, parents, school staff, and students with ultimate responsibility for direction and decision-making assumed by the Board of Trustees.

The Board will exert leadership in creating, maintaining, and improving the school for the children's educational needs. The focal point of concern in our school system is the student. Organization, staffing, programming, teaching, and funding should all be developed primarily and basically to enhance appropriate opportunities for students to learn and develop-personally, academically, and socially.

To help students transform their potential into actuality, their basic quality education should enable students to:

o        find joy in learning

o        be sufficiently skilled in basic subjects

o        communicate ideas, knowledge, thoughts, and feelings

o        reason critically and creatively

o        assume social responsibility

o        further their creative ability

o        be effective in a changing world

o        develop personal responsibility

o        learn who they are becoming.



Highlighted Programs

Montana Behavioral Initiative- MBI

6 Traits Writing

Lucy Caulkins Writing Program (k-5) 
Olweus Anti Bullying  Initiative

Band (in both schools) l

5th-8th Grades Sports Program

Outstanding Hot Lunch and Breakfast Programs

Quality Professional Development

8th Grade History Trip

6th Grade Big Creek Trip


Community Involvement

Very supportive and involved PTA


Missoula Children’s Theatre

Spring Carnival

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Somers Lakeside School District 29315 School Addition Rd.
Somers, MT 59932