School Closure Information

Superintendents across the county (with the exception of Bigfork) have agreed to the following procedure; whenever the County Road and Sheriff’s Departments declare emergency travel only, the County Superintendent will declare the closure of all schools in the county. The County Superintendent faxes this information to the local media by 6:00 am. School closure information is typically announced through AlertNow, radio stations, and the local morning news. On some days the weather may prevent the buses from running, but we will still be open for school, this information will be on the radio and website as well.

If the valley receives an unexpected blast of winter weather and emergency travel advisories during the school day, when students are already here, our policy is to keep the students at school until either parents have picked up their children or road conditions improve and we can safely send buses out. If this situation should occur we will contact the local TV and radio stations with information and email all parents who are registered on our website.

Somers School District 29 closes the school in conjunction with School District 5  when they close school due to unsafe weather conditions. Please listen to KOFI radio and any of the Bee Broadcasting stations for information. We will also notify  parents of school closures via the district's AlertNow phone messaging system. You can also go to the county website for up to date information on closures and road conditions. 

There will be no delayed starts or early dismissals due to winter weather conditions. 


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