School Descriptions

Somers School District 29 has many programs and activities beyond the core curriculum. These programs and activities support and reinforce the core curriculum and extend learning opportunities for students. Below is a list of these programs. For more information on any of them ask your child's teacher or contact the principals or superintendent and they'll be happy to provide you with more detail.


  • Olweus- Anti Bullying Program
  • Montana Behavioral Institute (MBI)
  • Response to Intervention (RTI)
  • Lucy Caulkins Writing Program
  • 6 Traits Writing Program
  • Step Up to Writing 
  • 8th Grade History Trip
  • Glacier National Educational Program- Big Creek 
  • University of Somers- Staff Professional Development
  • Northwest Curriculum Educational Cooperative- Curriculum Development, Professional Development, Teacher Inservice
  • Mustang After School Club
  • Band Grades 5-8
  • 5th-8th Grade Sports
  • Standards Based Report Cards/Traditional Report Card 
  • Wood Shop Elective 
  • Graduation Matters Initiative
  • Quality Breakfast and Hot Lunch Program  

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