Somers Middle School Bond Information

SMS Proposed Floorplan


To build a safe, modern learning space capable of meeting 21st-century learners’ educational needs

To create a sustainable facility with room for growth

To incorporate current and future technologies and create more “hands-on” and outdoor learning opportunities

To support and accommodate the community’s educational needs while serving as an events center for the area



1.  South Hall Constructed 1993

“Arts” Areas/Performance Stage (7) & Display for Music and Art

Currently sound from the band carries into other classroom which can be disruptive

Current instrument storage space is barely sufficient

The current stage is not able to project the sound into the audience

There  is no functional area behind the stage where students can assemble/get ready before a music or drama performance.

Sound equipment and lighting for drama and music performances are non-existent.

Art room is currently home to Art, Sewing, Screen Printing, and Pottery.  Not enough space for storage for use of all mediums at same time.


2.  West Hall Constructed 1953

Update building infrastructure

Asbestos present throughout the West and North wings

Entire electrical system in the West and North wings is overloaded and outdated and needs to be updated

Inadequate heating and venting in the West and North wings

Old and decaying windows, water pipes, and drain lines


3.    New Entrance/Office (1967)

Lack of security - front entrance is very mechanical and dependent on office manager

Phone system outdated, limited ability to make whole school announcements.  

No visibility in front office to front entrance.

Panic button is silent - no way of alerting the rest of the building


4.   Gym/Multi-Purpose/Fitness Area (1967)

Full size courts with wood floors, currently carpeted floors and unable to use courts for sporting events

Increased seating

Equipment storage


5.  “Shop”/Technical Education Area (1967)

Current space very crowded making the use of power tools dangerous

Fire restrictions allow class size to be limited to 12 students so many miss out

Insufficient dust collection heating system, wiring and fire suppression system

Limited storage for lumber inventory, tools, projects, and flammable materials

Outdated tools


6.   Expanded Kitchen & Dining Area (1963)

Cafeteria should be larger, have more seating, better lighting and better traffic flow.

The existing kitchen contains cramped workspaces and storage areas that are difficult to organize, clean and maintain.

Food storage is inefficiently located in three separate areas, requiring employees to go up and down steps or squeeze into tight closets.  

A safer, modernized kitchen space will be up to industry and County Health Department standards.

Current space not desirable for community use


North Hall Constructed 1963

7.   Science Area with Lab

More space dedicated for lab (safer for students)

Safety compliant storage for chemicals and materials

Safety compliance for electrical, gas and water as well as appropriate air circulation

Will permit a wider variety of labs, allowing students to be better prepared for high school


Additional Classrooms to Accommodate Growth

Proposed Steamboat Landing Subdivision plans for 176 lots


Commons Area/Extended Learning Spaces

Lack of common area where large groups can have lunch at the same time and community groups can meet.

Currently we have no small group learning spaces to facilitate students working together



 $15.8 million

Impact on the taxpayers = $160.00 per year on a $200,000 property ($13.33/month)

Bond funds may only be used for the purposes stated in the bond resolution

In this case, “For the purpose of providing funds to pay for the cost of designing, constructing, furnishing, and equipping additions and renovations to Somers Middle School to include classrooms, gymnasium, kitchen and lunchroom, shop, science lab, and related amenities and       improvements at the existing Somers Middle School campus; and paying costs associated with the sale and issuance of the bonds.”

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