Somers Lakeside School District 29

In Memory of Dawn
Memorial Memorial2
Beginning with first quarter 2006, one student will be selected each quarter to receive the Dawn Bowker Memorial Award.  The award will reflect the highest regard of the SMS staff for a student who exemplifies the qualities that Dawn Bowker showed on a daily basis during her time with us: a genuine love for life, kindness, unconditional love, consideration and respect for others.  This student, like Dawn, brings sunshine into our school and helps us to keep Dawn's memory alive.
First quarter 2006.  Award winner is Breanna Neater. Breanna


Second quarter 2006. Award winner is Danielle Bowen.

In his Inaugural speech of 1994, Nelson Mandela spoke these words: “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.” Dawn Bowker let her own light shine with an astonishing intensity. She sparked more lights in her students than the world could ever expect from her. She even added some energy to my own light, which strives for ability, and more importantly, for good character. Dawn Bowker was not only an inspiration to her students, but to her peers and the rest of the world as well. When she tragically left us in October I saw how much she had left behind. I realized how she had put all of her effort in to making her students better people than they already were, and how she had succeeded. I was immediately filled with inspiration. I wanted even more than I had before to help people and be the best that I could possibly be. To be told that I share many of the same character traits as Dawn Bowker is one of the greatest honors of my life. Winning her memorial award does not mark the end of my attempt to help people at all. In fact, it gives me a bigger push to be like the great person that Dawn Bowker was. If the world could be full of people like Dawn Bowker, it would be a more gorgeous and brilliant place than God had ever imagined. I am ready to start making it that place. Will you help me?

 -Danielle Bowen


Third Quarter 2006-07
Sarah Aylor
Fourth Quarter 2006-07
Kari Morgan
First Quarter 2007-08
Paige Bouma
Second Quarter 2007-08
Kyle Kosinski
Kyle has received this award because of his positive attitude and work ethic displayed every day at school.
Like Miss Bowker Kyle is kind, caring, positive, hard working, and above all likes to have fun.  Kyle dives into his assignments excited to learn. 
As an athlete Kyle gives 100% effort in every race, finishing in complete exhaustion, knowing he has done his best.
We at Somers are honored to have a student like Kyle who, like Miss Bowker, is a positive and optomistic influence. -Mrs. Hipple