Lakeside Elementary School


You will need these items for the 2014-2015 School Year.

Please replenish all supplies as needed. Thank You!


48 high quality sharpened pencils, a large eraser, two packages of pencil top erasers, 1 packet of post-it notes, two bottles of white glue and 4 glue sticks, all for community use. No mechanical pencils.


pointed scissors


set of water colors with eight colors(Crayola or Prang work best)


24 crayons


sharpened colored pencils


set of colored markers


4 pocket folders (no three ring binders)


3 spiral notebooks


2 Paper Mate ink pens


2 black Sharpie permanent markers


4 Expo dry erase markers


dry marker eraser


1 small size school box


1 ruler (cm/in)


Separate pair of gym shoes to keep at school (We have gym twice a week and students need a pair that will have clean soles, so the gym floor will last longer. The pair should have an arch support and no high or black heels that will leave marks.)


Send a healthy snack every day for your child