Lakeside Elementary School

Hello,  I am John Thies, the principal at Lakeside Elementary School.  I was an intermediate teacher, (grades 4 and 5) at West Valley School for five years before finishing my administrative degree at the University of Montana.  During my last year at West Valley I taught part time and did administrative responsibilities part time.  Then I worked a year as the principal at Marion School before coming to Lakeside.  This is my 12th year at Lakeside.
The best part of my job is being surrounded by the same people that teach your children.  This community is fortunate having such a skilled and caring staff to further your children's education.  From Kindergarten to 5th grade and everything in-between, our school offers an exceptional opportunity for your children to receive a quality education. I sincerely recommend you become a part of our educational community. 
I am very receptive to building relationships with parents and community members, so please feel free contacting me whenever possible. 
You can email me at
 Mr. Thies