Lakeside Elementary School

First Grade Supply List




In 1st Grade items are for shared use (Do NOT mark with name)

    1- pencil box (small normal size please, no extra large ones!)

2-4 oz. bottle Elmers glue (Orange Cap)

1- small pack of colored pencils

1- box primary colored markers (8 pack)

1- box (24 ct) crayons

3- laminated folders

4- Expo dry erase markers (thick point)

6- glue sticks

20- #2 pencils –***Ticonderoga only
2-  package of pencil topper erasers

1-  box of snacks (to serve 20 students)

1 - box of Band-Aids

1-  container of disinfectant wipes

Ziploc Freezer weight storage bags (sandwich or gallon)


Please Mark these items:

1- Old T-Shirt for painting

Gym Shoes (Old ones are fine as long as they fit!  No slip ons!)

1 – small watercolor set

1- pair child scissors (Fiskars preferred)


Thanks a bunch.  We can’t wait to see you in 1st Grade!