Lakeside Elementary School



FOR 2014-2015


__4 Black Expo DRY ERASE markers (community use)

__1 Small Pencil Box (no bigger than apprx. 8”x5”)

__2 Pkg. good quality Sharpened #2 Wooden Pencils w/eraser

__1 Large pink eraser (name on it)

__ One package of pencil top erasers (community use)

__1 basic pencil sharpener (no battery, no moving parts)

__2 Red Pens (community use)

__1 Package of Sharpened Colored Pencils

__3 Pocket Folders

__2 Pocket Folder with Fasteners

__4 Spiral Wire Notebooks

__1 Box of Crayons

__1 Box of Markers

__1 Pair of sharp-tipped Scissors (Fiskers work great)

__1Regular Wooden/Plastic Ruler with            Standard/Metric measurements (name on it)

__1 Watercolor Paint Set (Basic set w/brush)

__1 Bottle of Elmer’s White Glue (community use-no name)

__1 100-Sheet Package of Wide-Ruled, Loose-Leaf

                  Notebook paper (community use)

­­__2 Sharpie EXTRA FINE TIP marker pens

__1 Tablet Super Sticky Post-It Notes (3 x3) (community use)

__1 Pair of clean indoor tennis shoes for P.E.

            Due to Gym Floor, students need to bring a

            separate pair of PE shoes that are to be kept at

            school. They need not be expensive, only that                        they be a size larger to last the entire year, be 

            equipped with arch and ankle support, and that they

            have non-marking soles.

__$5.00 for the 1st week of school to buy a recorder for Music