Somers Lakeside School District 29

Topics of Study

Kindergarten:  Self and family in immediate environment.
Grade 1:  Home, school, and nearby environment.
Grade 2:  Local community.
Grade 3:  Surrounding regions.
Grade 4:  Montana, U.S. geography.
Grade 5:  Ancient Western civilizations, exploration, U.S. colonization, U.S. Revolution.  Geography, world with emphasis on Western Hemisphere.
Grade 6:  Ancient Eastern civilizations,2000B.C.- 1200 A.D.  History and Geography.
Grade 7:  U.S. history through Reconstruction.
Grade 8:  Montana history.

Adopted materials:

K-5 Various texts and original sources.
Grade 6- Exploring Our World, Glencoe (2008)
Grade 7- The American Journey, Glencoe (2009)  and other resources.
Grade 8- Montana History, Montana Historical  Society (2008) and other resources.