Somers Lakeside School District 29

 Greetings From the Somers and Lakeside Schools,
     I am honored and privileged to be part of such a team of dedicated and professional educators. The bar is high in the Somers and Lakeside Schools, and we fully understand the mission at hand. All of us recognize the importance of communicating and working closely with parents and community. I strongly encourage you to be active in your schools and ask questions to your school board, the staff, and me when you need answers. Only by working together and fully understanding the complex tasks at hand, can we truly meet the needs of all students in this ever changing field of public education.
     From my end, don't hesitate to invite me to community organization gatherings so I can share the good things that go on in your schools. I truly enjoy being a part of this community and working together with  all of you to provide the quality education we all strive for each day in our schools.
Mr. Paul Jenkins

Somers SD. #29