Somers Middle School


Q. How do I access my child's grades?

A. Contact the school if you don't have your child's log in Name and Password. Then you may click on the following link to take you to the Powerschool site The program is designed to give parents an online progress report that can be viewed at any time. Teachers are asked to upgrade their grades on Powerschool on a bi-weekly basis. Powerschool is simple to use, to start just click on the link above and then log in. Once you have navigated to the site, you can see your children's current grades and lunch balances. You can also click on each grade to see the list of assignments and corresponding scores.

Q. How do students pay for lunch or breakfast?
A. The requirement is to deposit money ahead of time. Some students pay for the entire month by making a deposit at the beginning of each month. Students may also pay each day as they go. The school district does not allow students to charge meals. You may contact the office for any questions.
Q. How can I find out my child's remaining lunch balance?
A. By logging on to Powerschool, you can see how much money your child has left in his or her lunch account. Once you are logged on to Powerschool, choose the dollar sign icon that says balance.
Q. How do I know if school is closed due to weather?
A. Superintendents across the county (with the exception of Bigfork) have agreed to the following procedure; whenever the County Road and Sheriff’s Departments declare emergency travel only, the County Superintendent will declare the closure of all schools in the county. The County Superintendent faxes this information to the local media by 6:00 am. School closure information is typically announced through AlertNow, radio stations, and the local morning news. On some days the weather may prevent the buses from running, but we will still be open for school, this information will be on the radio and website as well.
     If the valley receives an unexpected blast of winter weather and emergency travel advisories during the school day, when students are already here, our policy is to keep the students at school until either parents have picked up their children or road conditions improve and we can safely send buses out. If this situation should occur we will contact the local TV and radio stations with information and email all parents who are registered on our website.
Q. Why does my student need to buy a PE uniform?
Somers Middle School is requiring all students to wear PE uniforms for several reasons:

1. Dress code for PE is no longer an issue. All students meet dress code policies and don't have to worry about the length of their shorts or the advertising on their t-shirts.

2. Students feel a sense of belonging. It helps regulate the playing field, at least in pe and builds a sense of camaraderie.

3. In the past, we had large amounts of clothes that were never claimed from the lost and found because students would not dress back in to their school clothes. The school clothes piled up and eventually ended up at the Goodwill.

4. Students have a place to write their names on the front of their uniforms which also helps alleviate the issue of lost clothing.