Somers Middle School

Welcome to Somers Middle School. We are a small rural school approximately 200 students in the sixth, seventh, and eight grade. Although we are small in number, we still offer many exceptional programs such as Band, Woodshop, Speech, Art, Computers, Photography, and fitness. Somers Middle School recently created and implemented a new vision for our school.
Somers Middle School
Vision Statement
Somers Middle School recognizes that our students are diverse, in transition, and have individual needs. To help our students succeed, we are committed to:
-providing meaningful and motivating learning experiences,
-holding high expectations,
-offering a positive and safe environment,
-helping the students discover tools for success to become lifelong learners,
-fostering respect for self and others,
-building self confidence,
-and maintaining an atmosphere of open communication among staff, parents, students, and community.