Somers Middle School

2012-2013 Hanbook (page 1)
Athletic Eligibility

In order to be eligible for any organized, extracurricular activity, a student of grades 5 through 8 must adhere to the following policy:

  • All students who participate in athletics are required to show proof from the current school year that they have passed a physical examination by a medical professional prior to participation in any practices or games.
  • Students must attend at least 10 practices before competing in a game.
  • The student must be in Good Standing for Academics, Behavior, and Attendance.

Ø  Academics

ü  The Good Standing list for athletics is generated every Monday around noon to create the academic eligibility list for the week. If a student does not meet eligibility requirements, he/she will not participate in any games during that one week (Monday-Sunday) following the determination of ineligibility. Students are invited to practice when ineligible (although the coach may ask them to sit and complete work during practice). If on the next Monday, the student is still out of Good Standing, he/she will again not participate in the next week’s games (until all grades are a C- or above).

Ø  Behavior

ü  When a student falls out of Good Standing for behavior, he/she will miss the very next game/event (one game). In the case of a tournament- one day’s worth of events will be missed. Although a student is still considered on “probation” for 10 days, he/she will only miss one game. During the probation time, a student cannot earn any more behavior points or the probation starts over and at least one more game will be missed.

ü  Please see the Behavior Rubric located at the end of the handbook.

Ø  Attendance

ü  Students must be present for half of the school day to be eligible for extracurricular events.