Somers Middle School

Somers Middle School


            Practice-          Activity-          Choice-            Enrichment-



Factors that are contributing to students not reaching their potential

            Missing Assignments

            Not making up work from absences

            Needing more time for individual help

            Lack of opportunity for immediate help


Goal: Support and reward students; improve School Culture

Two Purposes:

         1. Support students academically immediately

         2. Motivate students to do their best - consistently


Support Students Academically as soon as they need it.

Provide specific and timely support Within the school day

Provide opportunity for students to redo work, make up work, receive tutoring and intervention Before instruction moves on to other topics

Support provided by subject area teachers



Motivate Students to do their best - consistently

     Motivate students by offering immediate and developmentally relevant Rewards

     Rewards include fun, attractive activities that allow opportunities to interact with peers i.e., basketball, foosball, movies, walking

     Include opportunities to select artistic or intellectually engaging activities i.e., chess, quiz bowl, research, quiet time


PACE: 4 Categories of Students 


#1 Don’t need support

       Intent: Reward and Choice

      Message: hard work pays off

      Students are rewarded on a daily basis

      Students are allowed to make choices about one small part of their school day


 #2 Need Occasional Support

      Intent: Support and Pressure

      Message: aim high, don’t ride the fence

      Students receive immediate and meaningful support

      Prevent students from falling behind and establishing a pattern


#3 Need Frequent Support

       Intent: Immediate, relevant intervention

      Message: You are not alone; can be successful

      Students provided immediate intervention about concepts they find challenging

      Focused support everyday

      Get Kids on a “Winning Streak”


#4 Need Support but Openly Refuse it

       Intent: Apply consistent pressure; make it hard to fail

      Message: “We won’t give up on you”; failure not an option

      Students are provided on-going, targeted supports and interventions

      Interventions address skill deficits


Why are students sent to Practice?

·         Missing assignments

·         Failed test (for practice and an opportunity to redo)

·         Absent

·         Confused

·         Prior to a test for studying

·         After a formative assessment

·         To redo a poorly done or incomplete assignments/homework

Why does Practice work?


  1. Immediately supports students to achieve academically
  2. Consistently motivates students to achieve academically


What Does Practice Time Look Like for the Teacher?


Walking around monitoring students working

Teaching a small group or individual

Reinforcing skills and concepts

Encouraging productive work


What Does Practice Time Look Like for the Student?

Arriving on time

Doing your best

Showing a positive mindset

Asking for help

Being prepared to stay in the practice room for the whole period