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The Somers & Lakeside Schools have been working through a process to achieve accreditation by AdvancED, an independent, non-profit, non-partisan organization that verifies quality processes in schools across the United States and internationally.  We are currently in the midst of conducting an internal review which will lead up to developing a quality improvement plan for our schools.

One of the essential steps in this internal review is to survey those persons who are most involved in and impacted by our schools.  Recently, the AdvancED Committee met to review and analyze the results of surveys administered to parents and staff.  (Students will be surveyed later this spring.)

When asked what they like best about our schools, the overwhelming majority of parent respondents said that we have an excellent qualified staff of caring and dedicated teachers.  Parents appreciate the close community environment and personalized interactions between teachers, students, and parents.

Teachers also expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to work in a supportive and collaborative environment with other dedicated professional educators.

When asked what they liked least about our schools both teachers and parents most frequently replied with concerns about the quality of our facilities.  This is an area that our Board of Trustees is taking steps to address.

There were also many insightful, individual concerns raised by parents and teachers that the committee will keep in mind as they begin to develop a plan to continue to build on the District’s strengths and address areas for improvement.


I am very interested in hearing your thoughts on what our school district does well and what we need to do to improve.  Please come in to talk with me at the District Office in Somers Middle School, call me at 857-3661, extension 202, or send me an email at



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