It is the philosophy of Somers School District 29 that all District 29 students have the opportunity for meaningful participation in extra-curricular athletics.


Participation in a formalized athletic program contributes to health, happiness, physical skill, emotional maturity, social competence, and sound moral values.  Athletic involvement can help teach the values of cooperation as well as the spirit of competition.  Participation is governed by factors such as safety of students, the student’s skill levels, attitudes, academic grades, and attendance in school and practices.


Coaches are to give full emphasis on academic performance and are expected to utilize positive methods to teach skills and sportsmanship while maintaining a competitive spirit.  We adopt the philosophy of “Athletes first, winning second.”  Our goal is to win, but when an athlete’s well-being and winning come into conflict, the athlete’s welfare always comes first.


Participation and skill development are important at the lower levels with the activity becoming more selective and competitive as the athletes progress through the program.


Athletes are representatives of Somers School District 29 and are expected to behave in an exemplary manner.




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