Parent Guidelines

Extra-Curricular Guidelines for Parents




1. Be a fan of everyone on the team, including opposing players, coaches, game officials, and game administrators.


2. Respect the decision of game officials.


3. Keep negative thoughts about the coach, the program, or your child’s teammates to yourself.  Be positive and supportive.


4. Use discretion when talking to a coach before or after a contest.  If there’s a grievance, you may address it with the coach at a time when emotions have calmed. If not settled at that level, follow district grievance procedures.


5. Understand that the coaches’ responsibility is to teach skill development to student athletes, to have then become better people and athletes, and to understand the team concept.


6. Be supportive and positive with your child.


7. Parents are required to attend a preseason meeting to review team rules and expectations.  Your child will not be able to participate in games until you have met with the coach.


8.  Review all the rules and expectations for your child, yourself, and coaches.  Your student athlete cannot participate in games until all forms have been signed.


9. If a parent is asked and is required to leave a sporting event, they will be prohibited from attending a minimum of one game. If serious enough, it could result in suspension of more games up to a permanent expulsion from attending.


10. Students may be released to no one other than their parents or legal guardian unless prior arrangements have been made.



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