Student Guidelines

Extra-Curricular Guidelines for Students




1. At all times demonstrate good sportsmanship and respect your coach, teammates, game officials, opposing coaches, and other players.


2. Be on time for all practices, participate as required by coaches, and remain in academic and behavioral good standing.


3. Communicate with your coach personally if you have conflicts resulting in the missing of practice or games.


4. Holiday practices are not mandatory.


5. If unable to participate in a contest, student athlete may sit on the bench at home games.  If it’s an away game, they can sit on the bench but must be transported by a parent if absence is due to disciplinary or academic concerns.


6.  During games and practice, student athletes are to abide by team rules and expectations outlined by the coach. Failure to follow team rules and guidelines can effect participation and playing time.


7. If a student athlete receives a technical foul or penalty for disrespectful behavior, they will not be allowed to play for the remainder of the contest and will be suspended for the next contest. If it’s of a serious nature, it could result in a suspension of more than one game up to dismissal from the team.


8. Students cannot participate in an extra-curricular activity if they were not in attendance for afternoon classes. A morning absence must be an excused absence.  School administration may waive absence if they deem circumstances are acceptable and arrangement is made prior to the absence.






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